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Reduce Fuel Consumption

10% to 20%

Any Kind of Engine!

“No matter what your operation looks like, a smart car or a road grader, if it uses fuel, using the ProFuel Clip is a No BRAINER.”

True Fuel Savings!

Tired of paying HIGH Fuel Prices?

Install ProFuel Clips !!

One time investment – A Lifetime of BENEFIT!

Simply place the ProFuel Clip (which has energy infused into it) on your incoming fuel line and SAVE 10% to 20%

Works on Diesel or Gas engines.

My name is Ron Luthi.  I have been working with this energy technology for 18 years.  When the energy is put on people it gives the strength and balance and relieves their pain.  I have been selling the energy in jewelry which has been helping people get away from much of their pain .  It is called Protonic.  I have helped thousands of people all over the world.  It has been marketed and called Protonic Balancer.

     We are now successfully installing the product to motorized vehicles both gas and diesel.  We have done exhaustive testing over the past year on thousand of miles on all types of vehicles. The results have been very outstanding saving 10% to 20% on fuel usage. 

      We have put the technology in clips to be installed on customer vehicles saving them thousands of dollars on their fuel bills.   Call us to see how much you can save by using the ProFuel Clips on your vehicle or fleet.




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Protonic Balancer Tungston Carbide bracelet / Pain Relief

$165 each – wide or narrow